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With our powerful VR software you can create the most challenging shots and drills for your goalkeepers.
Deliver quality training that gives them the chance to perfect their technique and timing so they can save those 'unstoppable' kicks.

Acting in the Moment is Key

Highly accurate motion sensors attached to the body record when and how the goalkeeper responds to make that crucial save. Our scientifically validated algorithms analyse over a million data points to precisely measure decision-making ability.

Taking Performance to the next level

Our web-based dashboard presents coaches and players with an in-depth analysis of their decision-making ability, offering new insight into performance strengths and weaknesses.

Who is talking about us

Currently there isn't any technology I can use to train my goalkeepers. GPS doesn't tell me much. I have been watching closely how this VR technology has developed over the last 8 years and I am excited by what I see. What INCISIV have done will truly revolutionise how we train goalkeepers. I can't wait to start to use Clean Sheet in my academy.


Michael Dougherty

Director N.Ireland Goalkeeping Academy

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